AVOSH Bottlebrush Honey Vodka
AVOSH Bottlebrush Honey Vodka
AVOSH Bottlebrush Honey Vodka
AVOSH Bottlebrush Honey Vodka

AVOSH Bottlebrush Honey Vodka

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Purely Australian Vodka

2019 Hong Kong Wine & Spirits Competition - Gold

The depth of flavour in this vodka is captured during our distillation process, without any of the sugar from the honey making it into the final product.

Slowly distilled in our copper pot still, the organic bottlebrush honey imparts an aromatic smooth and sweet character into our Bottlebrush Honey Vodka.

700ml, ABV 40%

Avosh Premium Vodka was created by the team behind Australia’s most awarded gin, The West Winds Gin. These award winning trailblazers have now developed a uniquely Australian premium vodka, also produced in Margaret River, Western Australia.

Made using only the most premium Australian wheat farmed locally, prior to harvest the wheat is ripened in the Australian summer sun. Premium water is used in production to produce the clean, crisp and smooth mouth feel that is uniquely AVOSH.

Avosh Premium Vodka is distilled a total of six times, the last of which occurs slowly in a copper pot still, before being filtered for a clean smooth taste.

AVOSH Australian Premium Vodka can be enjoyed chilled over ice or in many of your favourite cocktail recipes.

 Yes, we are Australian and use Australian produce to make our vodka. Australia is a major producer of wheat, so our premium house pour vodka is made from only the best. All our premium blends have uniquely Australian ingredients.

Vodka It’s self-explanatory but we are passionate about quality, so our vodkas are all distilled six times. Combining uniquely Australian ingredients in the distillation process leads to a premium vodka with body, complexity and a smooth mouthfeel.

Original craft products. Our artisan approach blends the best of all ingredients, skills and flavour to create our premium vodka.

Select We choose only the best Australian ingredients we can find, and we incorporate them in our own unique way.

Harvest Australia is well known for the purity of the environment and the quality of its produce. Over time we will release a number of variants using special ingredients that will have been carefully selected and harvested from our wide land.

Licence name: Tailor Made Spirits
Packaged Liquor Licence 616209598217